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How to use submodelling technique in COMSOL multiphysics?


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Submodeling technique was mentioned in the article related to fixing the memory deficit error.

Here we want to explain this method more.

In some modeling, the size of the model is so large that careful examination of each of its points requires careful application of the model geometry, which is very time consuming and requires a lot of memory.

In addition, in modeling related to solid modules, the designer and simulator often look for a critical point in terms of design.

Therefore, in these modelings, the problem can be divided into two parts, which is called the Submodeling technique.

1- First check the whole model with a normal mesh size and find the sensitive points. This model provides acceptable results from the model as a whole (Globally) but its results can not be trusted locally.

2-The second step involves separating the part of the model that has a point or points and its boundaries are far enough away from the points.
-The boundary conditions of this model should be determined according to the results of the first step.
-Now this smaller model can be examined more carefully by applying mesh.

.We were able to solve a large model in a short time and with acceptable accuracy, without encountering a memory shortage error.

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