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Comparing these two software is difficult because each of them pursues specific goals. But if we want to briefly examine the differences between the two from the users’ point of view, we can mention a few cases.

Comsol can be considered an intuitive and user-friendly software (in fact, it is probably the most user-friendly finite element software), and at the same time, it can solve a wide range of complex problems.

However, when it comes to CFD and solid analyzes, Ansys has more to say. However, every year, Comsol tries to improve its solvers for Fluid Flow and Structural Mechanics modules to make them faster and more efficient so that at the unveiling of version 6.0, it was announced that the solvers speed of these two modules has increased tenfold compared to the previous version.


Abaqus software is an excellent software for solving non-linear problems in the field of solid mechanics, which can provide very accurate results to users.

But if your project is a coupled model including several physics, Comsol software offers more capabilities (at the same time as ease of use) in coupling different physics. In addition, Comsol’s ready-made software modules cover more areas of engineering disciplines.

Acoustics Simulation, COMSOL or ABAQUS?

One of the most popular modules in which both software have a lot to say is the acoustic module. According to the experience of the author of this article and articles in the COMSOL News, Comsol is more popular among industry people and academics. Until now, the Comsolink website is the only website that offers an acoustic module training course in the Comsol software. For more information you can contact with our consultants.

Which one should I use? COMSOL, ANSYS or ABAQUS

All of them have the ability to solve multiphysics phenomena. Choosing one of them still depends on the goals of your project. If you want to create a general model and save time, we suggest using Ansys.

But if you want to access the physics and its equations and even change it easily, regardless of the time, we recommend Comsol.

If your model is related to automotive, aerospace or construction industry (bridge building and building industry), we recommend Abaqus software, which has more learning resources in these fields due to its longer history.

Who is COMSOL suitable for?

For scientists who know how to work with MATLAB software, Comsol is the best option, because Comsol supports connection with MATLAB (MATLAB Livelink), and in many modellings, coding in MATLAB can increase the efficiency of the model and help the user pursue its goal by modifying the Comsol model.

Here in we have a course for Matlab Livelink in Persian, which is a unique course. Also for user with other languages, we can offer online tutoring classes in English to help them learn coding with Matlab Livelink.

As can be seen from the name of this software, the strength of this software is the modeling of multi-physical phenomena or couplings different physics. The user is also free to enter their own inputs, such as functions and Materials easily. Drawing complex geometries in this software is a bit difficult, although the existence of the import option enables the user to import the CAD file of his geometry into the Comsol from any software. In addition, Comsol has a library of parts in which the most widely used parts in each module are ready (for example, different standards for bolts and gears, etc. in the solid module or different types of lenses in the optics module).

Who is ANSYS suitable for?

Ansys is still divided into two parts for modelling: Classic and Workbench. Workbench is a CAD-friendly application that is widely used in the industry. Ansis solvers are very reliable and effective. If you want to do something a little different, APDL programming can be very useful, but it is better to use it together with the classic Ansys.

Who is ABAQUS suitable for?

One of the other advantages of Abaqus software is the possibility of modeling with scripting and using the Python programming language, which is very popular among people who are familiar with the Python programming language due to its open source feature. Of course, you must have enough experience and skills in this field.

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