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    The importance of using simulation software and experienced consultants

    Main reason for using COMSOL or other software for simulation

    As you know, in the last decades, with the development of simulation software in various fields of engineering, the desire of the academic and industrial community to use this software has increased. The use of these softwares will have many benefits for both groups, the most important of which is the reduction of trial and error costs for observing the results compared to the laboratory process.

    COMSOL Multiphysics software is one of these simulation software that can model many engineering problems. Of course, mastering such software is the result of years of experience and study in this field. Therefore, one cannot expect to decide overnight to use simulation to do the project and have the project ready the next day. Because modeling some projects is a complex process and requires expertise and skills. It is at this point that using an experienced expert can be very effective in achieving accurate modeling and avoid wasting time